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City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department



The City’s proactive approach to improving its wastewater collection system through the implementation of the Crabtree Basin Wastewater System Conveyance Improvements project is a service to community residents and will provide the following benefits:


  • Minimizes chance of overflows. Sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) can negatively impact public health and water quality. By improving its system to better accommodate the heavy rains that contribute to SSOs, the City is using its resources wisely and protecting its residents and the environment.


  • Uses financial resources wisely. The Crabtree Basin Wastewater System Conveyance Improvements project is part of the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department's Capital Improvement Program (CIP). In developing the CIP, the City examined the existing wastewater system that needed to be improved to meet existing needs and to accommodate projected wastewater capacity requirements. In the CIP, the City identified approximately $850 million in new construction, improvement, renovation, and rehabilitation that is required to keep the City’s wastewater system operating effectively and efficiently. The Crabtree Basin System Improvements project utilizes $70-$80 million of that total amount.


  • Does not cause taxes to increase. Projects included within the Public Utilities Department CIP are funded by water and sewer user fees, not tax dollars. Taxes will not increase as a direct result of this project. Water and sewer rates are reviewed by the City to determine whether increases are necessary to fund the needed CIP projects.


  • Institutes a long-term solution. This project anticipates the current and future needs of residents and businesses within the project area and provides a long-term, sustainable solution.


  • Protects private and public property. The Crabtree Creek drainage basin traverses residential and commercial properties, as well as public roads and greenways. Improving the wastewater collection system ultimately improves those properties as well by protecting them from SSOs.


  • Protects surface waters. SSOs can pollute surface waters and damage fragile ecosystems. Reducing the likelihood of overflows protects the health and vitality of surface waters and their environments.


  • Improves customer service. The goal of the City’s Public Utilities Department is to provide its customers with the safest, highest quality, most efficient, and most effective water and wastewater systems possible. By constantly evaluating and improving these systems, the City improves its service to its customers.


  • Accommodates future growth. Raleigh’s population continues to grow, and this project helps ensure that the wastewater collection system within the Crabtree Creek drainage basin can handle future projected wastewater flows.



If you own property within the project area, use greenway trails and roadways in the vicinity, or support area businesses, you will benefit from a reduction in the possibility of SSOs.


Construction of the Crabtree Pipeline project will have impacts on citizens who live, work and travel through the project corridor.


  • Road Closures. Construction work will require portions of Hodges Street between Capital Boulevard and Wake Forest Road to be closed.  The first closure is likely to occur during the summer of 2015, and last for approximately two months.  The second closure will likely occur in early 2016 and will last for six months.  Note that only portions of Hodges Street will be closed at a time, detours will be in place, and all businesses will remain accessible.For the most up to date information on street closures, please see the PROJECT STATUS page, or the SCHEDULE page.


  • Greenway Closures. Parts of the Crabtree Creek Greenway will be closed during portions of the construction time.  City staff expects each closure to last between three (3) and four (4) months, and closures will occur at Greenway entrances.  City staff expects the Greenway between Anderson Drive and Yadkin Drive will be affected the most.For the most up to date information on greenway closures, please see the PROJECT STATUS page, or the SCHEDULE page.

  • Residential Impacts. Unfortunately, this project requires extensive construction in residential neighborhoods.  This means residents in the affected neighborhoods can expect to see and hear construction equipment in their neighborhoods over a period of several months.  Residents who live directly along the project corridor will receive separate notification before work begins on their property.For the most up to date information on where the contractor is working, please see the PROJECT STATUS page, or the SCHEDULE page.

  • Rock Excavation. One of the defining characteristics of the Crabtree Creek basin is the large amount of rock near the ground surface.  To complete utility construction, this rock must be removed through the use of explosives (blasting).  The City requires its contractors to take extensive precautions during the blasting process to protect public and private property from potential damage.  Residents are sometimes understandably concerned when blasting begins in their neighborhoods.  To help alleviate these concerns, the City will provide information about blasting to affected neighborhoods well ahead of any blasting.  In addition, City staff will hold neighborhood meetings prior to blasting in neighborhoods.Information regarding these meetings will be posted to the SCHEDULE page at the appropriate times, and affected residents and businesses will also receive additional notification.


City staff recognize the impacts and inconvenience to our citizens as a result of this project.  Staff has made significant efforts to minimize impacts, and has plans in place to communicate information as quickly and efficiently as possible to citizens in the affected areas.

It is very important for citizens to remember to heed all posted signs regarding road closures and greenway closures as a result of this project.  Safety is always our number one priority, and it is critical that our citizens stay out of construction zones and not risk their own safety.

For the most up to date information regarding construction impacts, please see the SCHEDULE page or the PROJECT STATUS project.

In addition, citizens can always visit the City of Raleigh list of Temporary Street Closings, or the City's Greenway Repairs and Closures.

City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department