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City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department



Q: Where is the project area?

A: The project area encompasses the southeastern most part of Crabtree Creek. It is located southeast of the I-440/US 70 intersection (Glenwood Avenue at Crabtree Valley Mall) and extends to Anderson Point Park, where Crabtree Creek flows into the Neuse River.

Q: How does this project affect me?

A: If you own property within the project area, use greenway trails and roadways in the vicinity, or frequent businesses in the area, you will be less likely to observe SSOs upon completion of this project.

Q: What can I expect?

A: If you own property within the project area, you may receive a letter notifying you about the project.

You may also see staff from the project team of subconsultants surverying and/or evaluating the project area. During construction, you may see large construction equipment needed for the installation, in addition to vehicles transporting various necessary construction materials, such as large concrete pipe, manholes and stone. The City will make every effort to minimize construction disturbance near your property and/or along the greenway trails and roadways located within the improvement area.

Q: Will my water and sewer rates go up?

A. The City’s water and sewer rates are established to fund the projects included in the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department's (CORPUD) Capital Improvements Program (CIP), which outlines projected capital projects. The Crabtree Basin System Improvements project is included in the CIP. Water and sewer rates are reviewed by the City and are evaluated to determine whether increases are necessary to fund the needed CIP projects.

Q: Does the project address all the sewer improvement needs in the City's Crabtree Basin Service Area?

A: No, the project addresses improvements necessary for the interceptor collection system in the lower portion of the Crabtree Basin Service Area. The CORPUD has several other projects in its CIP that address improvement needs in the other parts of the Crabtree Basin Service Area.

Q: How much will the Crabtree Basin Wastewater System Conveyance Improvements project cost?

A: The current Capital Improvement Plan budget for this project is $70-$80 million. This is one of many projects that the City plans to undertake for the Crabtree Basin Service Area which are estimated to have a combined cost of another $100 million.


Q: Will construction workers have to come onto my property to do any construction?

A: Construction workers will likely need to access your property if the final alignment for the project crosses your property or an adjacent property.  The CORPUD will notify you during the final design phase of the project prior to the start of construction if this is required.


Q: How will I be able to identify these contruction workers?

A: Construction workers will typically be outfitted in bright colored vests and hard hats while working on the project site.



Q: When is construction anticipated to begin and end?

A: For the most current schedule for all phases of project (including construction), please go to the Schedule and Project Status pages.


Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about the project?

A: You can direct questions by email or telephone. Visit the Contact Us and Project Team pages for contact information.

City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department